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Continuous Hinges

Continuous door hinges are specifically designed to replace door pivots on storefront doors with a superior system. They are exceptionally good at solving difficult structural problems and chronic maintenance issues with door pivots.

Continuous hinges help:

  • Prevent smash attack break-ins
  • Strengthen weak storefront door framing
  • Bypass eroded door threshold mounts

Continuous door hinges will add many years to the life of your storefront doors, without requiring expensive rebuilds of the storefront framing or threshold.

Anti-Pry Astragals

The primary attack point on single and double doors is where the latch crosses from the door to the frame (or second door).

When protected with a small (12″ high) astragal, there is still access to pry the door open from the top or bottom of the door. These two areas also provide additional leverage for prying so it’s important to protect the entire height of the door.

We install full-length astragals in steel or stainless steel to protect your doors from these kinds of break-ins.

Knob Guards & Lever Guards

The next most vulnerable part of your doors to protect is the door handle or lever handle. This is especially true for service doors (electrical or mechanical rooms), parkade access doors, and other doors where visibility and traffic is low.

Knob guards and lever handle guards are through-bolted right through the door using carriage bolts for maximum strength and protection.

The doors these guards are most used on are doors that are normally locked, and require a key to open.

Deadbolt Guards

Similar to knob and lever guards, the deadbolt guard has a lower profile, specifically made to protect your deadbolt from hammer or pry attacks.

These guards are also through-bolted through the door for maximum protection, and are used on similar type doors as the other guards. For doors that have a knob lock and dead-bolt, we recommend putting a guard on both.

Making your doors into a hard target with these kinds guards often saves thousands of dollars in repairs to the doors and building in general. Thieves will often just go elsewhere.

Window Screens

Fire glass, used for windows in steel doors, has increased up to 10x in price due to new regulations in Canada and supply issues with the new approved glass. These windows are another critical point to protect against break-ins and vandalism.

We fabricate standard sized and custom sized steel guards for these window. The guards are made with perforated steel to retain visibility and are through-bolted through the door for maximum security.

On some windows, it’s cheaper to install a steel guard than it is to replace the broken glass.

Push Bar Guards

We are always innovating and coming up with solutions to new problems.

For push bars on emergency exit doors, a common point of attack is drilling through the door to fish a wire through and pull on the bar. Our push bar guards prevent this without obstructing the push bar.

These guards are especially important to have on back lane exit doors or stairwell exit doors. We also install them on all our area enclosures that utilize an emergency exit push bar.

End Cap Push Bar Guards

Every situation is unique.

This set of double doors was vulnerable to having a wire fished in between the doors to pull on the push bar and release the magnetic locks. Due to the way the doors operated, an astragal to cover the gap was not an option.

We fabricated stainless steel caps for the push bars to guard against this attack on the doors.

We encounter new problems for door security all the time. New problems, new solutions.

High Security Locks

Restricted keyways prevent unauthorized copying of keys. We are an authorized dealer for:

  • Abloy Protec
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Schlage Primus.

These locks benefit from designs that make them extremely difficult to pick, and cannot be duplicated without special key-cutting equipment and dealer-specific blanks.

These high security key systems are available for door locks and heavy duty padlocks.

Welded Door Seams

Commercial steel doors have one simple weakness. The seams.

In manufacturing, the metal is folded and pressed together, and that’s what holds the door together. Over time, these seams fail and the door starts to get spongy and starts to sag or not latch closed properly. The only fix is to replace the door.

We weld key points along the primary seam on all our doors. This makes them more secure and extends their life, especially for hard-use doors like those used for garbage rooms.

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