Security Consulting

Security Assessments for Property Managers

Call us today to conduct a complete security audit and assessment of your property portfolio. Protecting your clients, tenants, and investment from crime and vandalism is critical to having a property that’s in demand for leasing opportunities, salability, and commercial viability.

Fortress One Security brings valuable advice and solutions to help keep your property safe, guarded, and looking its best. We address current challenges you are having and can look forward to provide you with an entire suite of recommendations you can implement now or as needed.

One of the most common situations requiring security upgrades are new developments or new acquisitions where security concerns were not part of the plan or the operating focus. This can create unexpected costs caused by crime and vandalism that will cut into the operating budget if not addressed.

Let us put a plan together for you to preemptively tackle your security challenges, before expensive emergency situations arise.

The Security Consulting Process

Complete Property Assessment

First, we identify your current security challenges and any other areas and types of problems that may be a problem in the future.

Proven Solutions

Next, we bring you a set of proven security recommendations and work with you to find the optimal plan that fits your property’s budget.

Seamless Integration

Finally, we deliver and install approved recommendations around your schedule to minimize interruption to your tenants and patrons.

Intelligent Security Consulting

Fortress One Security does locksmithing, door repairs,  and other security work every day all over the Vancouver Lower Mainland. We know what trends in crime are happening and where they’re happening at any given time.

This allows us to bring you the best security assessments based on long term issues in a specific neighborhood and trending-now clusters of criminal activity of a specific nature. This helps you minimize your risk by putting security measures in place against specific threats before they occur.

When budget constraints are an issue, you can roll out security improvements to your properties over time as the budget allows. But if a problem occurs, you already have a plan and a solution that we can implement quickly.

Call us today to find out more about getting a security assessment for your portfolio of properties.

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