Enterphone Panel Security Upgrades

Fortress One Security will keep your building safe with enterphone / intercom security upgrades that prevent common attacks. Vancouver area Property Managers can Contact Us Today

Enterphones are Primary Targets for Break-Ins

Your building intercom or enterphone has a significant security challenge. Mail carriers use their crown key to activate a switch so they can enter the building to deliver mail. Thieves have figured this out.

These panels are very easy to pry open to manually activate the switch and gain entry.

Once they have access to the building, they break into cars, mailboxes, storage and bike lockers, and even suites.

Enterphone Security Bars

Fortress One Security fabricates and installs security bars. You can get one or two bars installed on your enterphone. These make the panel much more difficult to pry open.

Bars are machined from stainless steel and made to fit various sizes of enterphones. We also custom make the security bar mounts, so we can provide a solution no matter how your enterphone is constructed.

And the hitch-pin style locks are extremely strong, able to withstand significant punishment.

Enterphone Security and Weather Shroud

Our fabrication shop can also make shrouds, and these can serve two purposes. Shrouds can protect your enterphone from rain and snow. They also protect the sides of the enterphone door, making ot much more difficult to pry open.

All shrouds are made from stainless steel and custom fabricated to fit your unit.

Crown Lock Guard

Another attack, common with all thin panel door locks, is to hammer or turn the entire crown lock to activate the door. To counter this, we can install a crown lock guard.

The crown lock guard protects the lock from prying, hammering, or turning

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