Door Repairs and Replacement

Fortress One Security has experience repairing and replacing doors and door frames of all kinds. Vancouver area Property Managers can Contact Us Today for …

Steel Commercial Doors

We carry a generous stock of the most commonly sized and prepped steel commercial doors and associated hardware. Custom sizes are also available.

All steel doors are 18 gauge steel and have a UL fire rating.

We also strengthen all the steel doors we install by welding the seams in-house. This adds considerable durability and extends the life of your doors.

You get complete service for all your commercial steel door needs: door repairs, door replacements, painted to match existing, hardware changes, and security upgrades.

Wood Doors

For residential strata and office buildings, call us for all your wooden door needs including:

  • Door & door frame repairs or adjustments
  • Rebuilds and replacements
  • Solid core and hollow core wood doors

Replacing damaged wood doors to match your existing door, often requires custom ordering as there are so many styles and specifications available for wood doors. Our team will temporarily repair even badly damaged doors to keep your space secure and usable until your new door arrives and is ready to install.

Glass & Aluminum Storefront Doors

Every type of door, (steel, wood, or glass), has it’s own unique characteristics and requires door technicians who are experienced in servicing those specific kinds of doors.

Your buildings are in good hands with our locksmiths and door technicians, who have a wealth of technical expertise and experience repairing all kinds of doors.

For your storefront doors, call us today …

  • Door repairs and adjustments
  • Glass replacement including emergency hoarding
  • Door hardware repairs and replacement
  • Door security upgrades
  • HERC frameless glass doors

NRP Door Hinges

We use commercial stainless steel NRP hinges on all our doors.

NRP, or non-removable pin hinges have a set screw on the inside of the hinge that stops the pin from being popped out from the outside. This protects against your doors being removed with a simple screwdriver and hammer.

Our commercial grade NRP hinges are ANSI grade 1, made with 10 gauge stainless steel, containing 2 ball bearing and 5 knuckle sections to ensure long lasting and smooth action for your doors.

Storefront Door Pivots

Glass and aluminum storefront doors are unique from most other doors in that they use pivots instead of hinges to mount the doors.

Over time, your door pivots will get worn and corroded. They generally last for many years and then start to fail very suddenly when the metal weakens.

Call us to help you …

  • Repair or adjust door pivots
  • Replace door pivots
  • Replace door pivots with a continuous door hinge

Continuous Door Hinges

Continuous door hinges are specifically designed to replace door pivots on storefront doors with a superior system. They are exceptionally good at solving difficult structural problems and chronic maintenance issues with door pivots.

Continuous hinges help:

  • Prevent smash attack break-ins
  • Strengthen weak storefront door framing
  • Bypass eroded door threshold mounts

Continuous door hinges will add many years to the life of your storefront doors, without requiring expensive rebuilds of the storefront framing or threshold.

Door Closers

Automatic door closers are important for maintaining the safety and security of your building. Properly operating closers also play a vital role in fire code compliance.

Good door closers have an adjustable power range, and utilize hydraulic action for smooth and consistent operation. If you see oil leaking from your door closer, it’s time to replace it.

Call us to:

  • Repair or replace your malfunctioning closers
  • Adjust or resize inadequate door closers
  • Through-bolt install on weak doors

Concealed Door Closers

If your door closes automatically, but there is no visible closer attached to the door, it’s using a concealed closer.

Concealed door closers can be mounted in the header framing above the door, or in the floor under the threshold. They’re often installed on entrance doors of commercial buildings or high-rise towers.

They act as a pivot point for the door as well as a closer. Due to the amount of work to remove and reinstall a concealed closer, once they start having problems, it’s best to replace them.

Door Thresholds

Your door thresholds usually don’t get much attention, but they have some important functions to perform:

  • Seal against weather and pests
  • Non-trip transition between two flooring surfaces
  • Receiver for locking pins and pivots

Thresholds can be affected by having heavy carts rolled over them, by corrosion and wear, or by settling of one of the 2 surfaces (usually the outside). And this can affect door operation.

Door Frames

Repairing doors and door hardware is one skillset. Repairing and replacing door frames requires additional skill sets including carpentry, glass, and concrete work, along with an excellent knowledge of doors.

Fortress One Security has a multi-trade team of professionals to troubleshoot, repair and replace your door frames when needed.

We are ready to ensure the safety and security of your buildings, and tackle any door problems you have to bring you a complete solution, no matter what the problem is.

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Common Door Issues

There are a number of common door issues we encounter that can have various possible causes. Our service technicians are experienced in troubleshooting door issues to make sure the right solution is implemented.

Some of these common door issues include …

Doors Rubbing

Your door rubbing against the threshold or frame is one of the most common issues with doors. To repair the problem first requires identifying the cause. And there can be a number of things that cause this, including:

  • Hinge or pivot issues
  • Threshold warping or movement
  • Frame movement (out of square)
  • Ground settlement causing a height differential

Each of these potential causes needs to be looked at to identify the proper repair remedy for your door.

Doors Not Closing or Latching

The second most common issue with doors is the door not closing completely or not latching to lock when it closes. Like rubbing, this issue has multiple possible causes. Some of which include:

  • Door closer not operating properly
  • Door rubbing (friction)
  • Lockset not operating correctly
  • Building air pressure caused by HVAC system

Our technicians will help you determine the cause and best course of action to repair your door closing or latching issues.

Water Ingress Through Doors

Water ingress typically occurs at the top or the bottom of the door.

At the bottom, it may be a threshold issue or a grading issue with the ground outside the door. When water ingress occurs at the top of the door, it is usually caused by wind swept rain, but can could also be an exterior envelope issue.

We can stop water ingress with either drip flashing or caulking. If rain is entering the wall at some point above the door, we can determine that and propose a repair.

Rusty Doors and Door Frames

Over time, rust and corrosion attacks all metal. Once rust starts to set in on a door or door frame, it not only weakens the metal but causes expansion as the corrosion bubbles and builds up.

In some instances, doors and door frames can be prepped and painted to remove minor corrosion problems and extend the life of your door. Once it get s too bad, we can replace the door or the frame as needed.

Damaged Door Frames

The weakest point for many doors is the frame. This is especially true for wood doors and wood framed residential doors, where damage can affect the frame just as much as the door.

Damage to the door frame can occur during break-ins, vehicle hits, or forced entry by emergency services. Our 24/7 service will get your space secured and get your door operating temporarily until the damage can be properly repaired.

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