Security Upgrades

Make Your Property a Hard Target

Fortress One Security will provide you with a wide range of solutions to protect your property against break-ins, theft and vandalism. Our multi-trade capability means we can deliver products and services that create a multi-pronged approach to security.

Some of the security upgrades we supply and install include:

  • Door hardening hardware including guards and anti-pry astragals
  • Secure roof access ladders
  • Custom bike rooms and upgrades to existing installations
  • Vehicle barriers
  • Security lighting

Our in-house fabrication ability allows us to bring you high quality, and highly effective security products that actually work. Frequently, we upgrade off-the-shelf security installations after they’ve been broken into.

For serious, proven security upgrades to your property, call Fortress One Security.

Upgrading Your Building Security

Identify a Solution

Every security breach, intrusion, or break-in has a repair solution and security upgrade solution. The first step to better security is fixing the current problem.

Roll Out the Solution

Frequently, a door is broken into, repaired and upgraded. And then a few weeks later, a different door is broken into. It’s important to look at all similar points where security can be compromised.

Take Away Other Opportunities

In addition to repairing a break-in and upgrading all similar means of entry, it’s important to stay one step ahead and look at any other opportunities criminals might find to gain entry.

A Wider View of Security for Your Property

Properties are subject to a wide array of security concerns. Some other things we help Property Managers combat include:

  • Illegal dumping of refuse and furniture
  • Skateboarding damage to retaining walls, railings, and fixtures
  • Graffiti

This overall approach to security and service is how Fortress One Security works to make your job as a Property Manager or owner easier. By tackling significant security problems and looking at the wider issues and ongoing maintenance of a property, the overall incidents and associated costs of break-ins and vandalism can be greatly reduced.

Call Fortress One Security today for help with your commercial and strata properties.