Safe Rooms and Shelters

Fortress One Security builds and installs a wide variety of safe rooms and shelters for high net worth individuals, corporate heads, and institutions with critical security requirements. The preparedness spaces we build include:

  • Personal safe rooms / home invasion panic rooms
  • Corporate office secure rooms
  • Earthquake and disaster survival bunkers

Depending on your safety and security objectives, you may need one or multiple components that are part an overall secure space. Components we use to build safe rooms and disaster shelters include …

Ballistic Doors

Interior and Exterior Bulletproof Doors

Architects and security consultants all over the world choose Fortress Series doors for the best brute force and ballistic protection available. You will find Fortress Series doors installed in:

  • Residential entrances and safe rooms
  • High security offices and commercial spaces
  • Embassies and government facilities

With a variety of protection levels, mechanical and electronic lock systems, and endless design options, Fortress Series doors are made to seamlessly integrate into any space.

And more than any other component of your security build, your doors are the most important thing for securing your protection and access control.

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Ballistic Walls

ArmorCore Bulletproof Wall Panels

Ballistic wall panels are constructed from woven fibre-glass and come in various thicknesses to offer different levels of protection against:

  • Firearms
  • Hurricane-force flying debris
  • Brute force entry
  • Fire damage

Ballistic fiberglass sheeting offers both weight savings and better construction characteristics over steel plate when building bulletproof walls.

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Ballistic Glass and Windows

Bulletproof Windows and Glass

Bulletproof windows are constructed using multiple layers of ballistic resistant materials. The glass comes in various thicknesses for different levels of protection. The glass is set inside a steel bulletproof frame and then finished with a wide variety of decorative wood or other style veneers.

Bulletproof windows can be set in ballistic doors to create a very stylish and natural protective entrance. They can also be used with ballistic panels to create entire wall systems.

Bulletproof Casement Window Drawing

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Safes and Hidden Storage

Vaults and Safes

In addition to ballistic and brute force protection, it’s possible to construct safe spaces that require heavier duty security. These spaces can withstand greater offensive forces for much longer timeframes.

Walk-in vaults are guarded by blast proof doors. The lock options include both mechanical and electronic locks and are built to withstand the most severe attacks.

Vaults are typically designed as a smaller ultra secure space inside a larger secure space. Existing rooms can be modified and strengthened, or completely self-contained rooms can be built inside a regular room.

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Hidden Passage Doors

Concealing Safe Rooms with Hidden Doors

In addition to brute force defense, concealment of safe spaces adds an additional layer of security. Hidden doors can be custom built to match the surrounding décor. They can be extravagant or simple in design. Secret doors are built into:

  • Bookcases
  • Full length mirrors
  • Wall panels
  • Staircases

These doors can be opened using a variety of methods including magnetic locks activated by moving objects, or with wireless fobs. They can stand alone as an entrance or be combined with a more robust security door behind the concealed door.

Backup Services for Safe Rooms

Backup Services for Safe Rooms

At Fortress One Security we not only manufacture and install Safe Rooms and Bomb Shelters, but we also offer a number of Backup Services to accompany your shelter.

We offer a variety of backup and support services that include: making sure your shelter is fully stocked, installation of an air filtration system, various sanitation back up services, back up power options, and much more!

For example, we can install an NBC Air Filtration Systems into your safe room or bomb shelter. When compared to carbon dioxide scrubbers, gas masks, or oxygen bottles, a specialized filtration system is the most advanced and efficient way to keep you and your family breathing clean oxygen for several weeks or months while confined.

It uses a series of different filters to remove harmful chemicals and Biological hazards from the air you breathe.

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Self-Contained Emergency Shelters

In addition to constructing a safe room, another option is to install a completely self contained emergency / disaster shelter. These units can range widely in size and be installed inside a residential or commercial space, or as a separate subterranean structure.

Modular Shelters

Modular systems can be constructed easily to varying sizes. They are typically completely self-contained systems that can be installed in one location, made mobile, or disassembled and reassembled in different locations as needed.

Underground Bunkers

In-ground bunkers the best protection against nuclear blast and blast radiation. They can be constructed and outfitted to sustain life for weeks, months, and even years.